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Highest Quality Products

We work closely with the world's best manufacturers to create the finest research chemicals available. You will not find a higher level of purity anywhere else on the web.

We supply our products directly from the manufacturers. Our prices are affordable, equal to average prices of the research chemicals market and therefore unbeatable right across Europe.

Hassle Free Payment Methods

Forget lenghtly waits for poor quality payments to go through. We offer flexible payment options. We make it easy for you.

We take your privacy very seriously and ensure that your payment and contact details are stored securely and not shared with ANYONE.

Superb Customer Service

Our experienced team works around the clock to ensure that your chosen product reaches you when you expect it. Our in house knowledge of every new RC - from 5-APB and 6APB to 4MEC and back again - is invaluable and we ensure that each of our our customers receives the right research chemical for them. Each and every time.

  • 98% Pure Research Chemicals
  • Prices beaten by Quality

We are one of the few online companies, who are able to supply highly pure chemicals for individual and/or corporative laboratory research and analysis. We are able to offer our customers the most demanded, as well as rare research chemicals of at least 98% purity. Every new batch of product passes laboratory tests after which we receive the product complete with certification of analysis, ensuring us to supply you as our customer with exceptionally pure chemicals.

  • Safe and Simple Ordering
  • Best Payment Options

We have also been able to build long lasting relationships with several of retail and wholesale customers and their number is still growing. Most of the people who regularly return to our website know that SenseAromatic offers a wide range of high quality products, flexible payment options, fast and insured delivery, secure and comfortable ordering and a prompt and efficient customer service!

  • Fast Delivery to Europe and UK
  • Outstanding Customer Service and follow up of every order

Being dedicated to our customers comfort and satisfaction, we always aim to meet and exceed customer expectation, offering wide variety of payment and shipping options. We are proud to mention that we are the only vendor ensuring packages being shipped worldwide!